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Jennifer Jimenez, Founder of Let's Dance Together

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Would you love to wake up each day feeling inspired & confident! And enjoy freedom and flexibility in your body like this little girl twirling to the right?




A Personal note from Jennifer

“I have dedicated my life to empowering women world-wide to experience a life they love living. Especially helping women overcome body issues, for good, so they can truly SHINE! Whether it’s something you’ve struggled with for years, or you’ve recently neglected your body, you can GLOW inside and out! What I know from working with women for the past 15 years is, once you decide to take action and claim your powerful, self-confident, authentic body & SELF – You will enjoy more success in every area of your life.


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Let’s Dance Together Vision: To create a global community of spiritually awake and environmentally conscious people, living joyful-purposeful lives, enjoying vibrantly healthy bodies!

The Mission of Let’s Dance Together is to support and empower women & children to experience vibrant health and wellbeing, through personal development, wellbeing products & programs, that incorporate holistic movement practices”.

(The use of body/movement, particularly dance, as a cathartic and “therapeutic” tool is perhaps as old as dance itself)


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