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Enjoy the benefits of “Prenatal Dance Fitness” from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!

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Prenatal Dance Fitness is a fun way to maintain a strong and healthy body during pregnancy, minimize unwanted weight gain, and learn the secrets to a graceful birth. It’s a safe and proven program!

Jennifer Jimenez dance/fitness expert and mother of 3, will show you the easy route to a fit body, smooth labor and quick & easy recovery.

Prenatal Dance Fitness has been FEATURED in “Fit Pregnancy” magazine!


Jennifer Lang MD, OB/GYN (Endorses Prenatal Dance Fitness)

“It is so important that women continue an exercise program throughout their pregnancy that is fun, and makes them feel beautiful. I whole-heartedly endorse this prenatal dance program & DVD, and would recommend it to any of my pregnant patients. This program really is fantastic!”






Introducing Prenatal Dance Fitness with Jennifer Jimenez, Certified Pre &  Post Natal Fitness Specialist.  Only $19.95 plus tax and shipping.

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I highly recommend this video to my pregnant patients as a way to keep them exercising in a safe in gentle manner. It is fun and healthy for the mom to be, as well as an excellent bonding experience getting to know the beautiful spirit growing within. This video is also an excellent resource, filled with information to help any pregnant woman.

– Dr. Alice Grob (Pregnancy & Pediatric Chiropractor)



“Prenatal Dance Fitness was a blessing in disguise for me. Doing the warm-ups and dance moves prepared me tremendously for my labor. The doctors ruled out that I was going to have a natural vaginal birth but they were wrong and it was all because of the dance video.”

– Nina Brooks



“Jennifer has produced a wonderful example of the Dancing Thru Pregnancy® instructor ethic — a safe, effective and meaningful way to move through pregnancy and birth. We are proud that she is a graduate of our instructor training program.”

– Ann Cowlin, MA, CSM, CCE, movement specialist, Yale University Athletic Department, and founder/director, Dancing Thru Pregnancy®, Inc.



I have never been so relaxed using a fitness DVD before. This is my 3rd pregnancy with my other 2 daughters being 12 and 15, I just wish I had this with them. I highly recommend any mother use this to help you with relaxation, stress control, flexibility and weight control. With my other pregnancies I gained 30 and 35 pounds and with this one I have only gained 9 and I am now 9 months pregnant! Amazing – like I said I wish I would have had this 15 years ago. The bonding part with my husband has also been fun for him to feel a greater part of the pregnancy. Thanks again Jennifer!

– Lori Ehle



The program structure is very easy to follow whether you are beginner or advanced: warm-up, stretching/yoga/pilates, dance/movement, and cool-down. This program has taught me how to be more in touch with my body and my baby and it has helped to elevate some of the fears I had about labor. I’m so glad that I found this program to help me stay fit while also giving me valuable pregnancy/labor tips that I wouldn’t get from a typical prenatal fitness class.

– Anastacia Shaw




Introducing Prenatal Dance Fitness with Jennifer Jimenez, Certified Pre &  Post Natal Fitness Specialist.  Only $19.95 plus tax and shipping.

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Prenatal DVD Only $19.95

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